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International wine industry development status
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International market, due to the impact of the environment, climate, Europe and the United States after the economic crisis as well as the wine overproduction of the foreign wine industry has plummeted, France, Australia, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, India ...... some countries have a large number of removal of vines, global grape acreage decreased by about 70,000 hectares. 2011 compared with 2010, wine production fell by 4%, to reduce the 107 million liters, to about 2600 million liters, low-yielding for 4 years since 2007. In Australia, due to the the grape varieties limitations hinder the development of the wine industry in South Australia, if we do not try to extend the tastes of Australians, will likely result in the Barossa Valley wine territory to retreat from the world, Australia's largest wine producers claimed Foster : "the Australia quarter of vines must be removed to deal with the problem of oversupply of wine." the Chilean strong earthquake led to the Brewing Industry lose as much as $ 250 million; announced a drastic reduction in the basis of Bordeaux wine in the wine Holy Land Bordeaux Wine Institute the Zhuang number ......
Although the international wine industry suffered lost production, but the wine price and quality of growth. French wine monopoly is formed in the Russian market, the price doubled 25 times; remarkable World Cup in South Africa, the South African wine to enhance sales in the international market; scientists recently found a form of pollution not open a bottle of wine so that it exudes mold taste, taint microbial-MDMP, researchers say, the MDMP this compound can best wines into bad wine, this discovery marks a breakthrough has been made in the fight against cork taint processes; Chinese market. is developing into a hub for world-class wine and spirits distribution. 2011 global grape acreage overall downward trend, but there is generally improved wine quality. The world wine industry structure change.
World wine-growing region territory or change
As the global climate warming, France Bergerac producing areas will not be planted Merlot Merlot will disappear here ...... In recent years, the global climate has changed greatly, has not only elevated temperatures . The vineyards are mostly located in areas far from the sea, because the ocean with a lake can play the function of regulating temperature, mild climate is the grapes needed. According to the meteorological data in recent years, not only from year to year, the temperature difference between the larger, even the season and the season, the temperature difference between day and day becomes larger. And turns the ravages of drought and floods, the production of some of the world high-quality wine region affected.
Thus, the winery began to make a response. Such as the French Rhone Valley wine farmers bothered premature maturation of the sugar content, they are more inclined to cook to adjust the proportion of the blend of grape varieties from the past mainly Grenache (Grenache), Sihanoukville (Syrah) changed to use more Casey farmers (Carignan), Moore the Vicwood (Mourvedre) and even hybrid grapes. Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc) mature too quickly, to adjust the traditional white wine blend proportion, or replanting can delay the mature rootstocks.
The world's wine-growing region territory or changes, to the sea, as well as north and south poles move towards higher elevations than not be exposed to direct sunlight hillside migration. Associated, there will be more old-world countries to allow irrigation, grape growers will also be taken to make a bunch of grapes more to keep cool, ventilated and dry pruning shears leaf.