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Rafi president made ​​a special trip to China crackdown, microblogging to the Chinese literacy
Published:2013.04.09 News source:深圳市理旺贸易有限公司 Views:

Face of a large number of fraud in China Lafite, Lafite wine producer Baron Rothschild Lafite Group (Lafite) contain himself. Its global CEO Christoph Saran will be the end of China, the main purpose is to counterfeiting.

     "China imported wines integrity Summit Forum", Lafite chief executive officer of ASC Fine Wines exclusive distributor in China Shen products with reporters that, "education classes" Rafi Group will open microblogging, in Rafi knowledge to Chinese "sweep literacy."

Exclusive distributor in China: Rafi imminent crackdown

From France Rafi top brands, is one of the world's wine known as the wine in the LV in China in recent years suffered a large number of "cottage brothers. Shen goods with Lafite Global CEO Christopher Saran will be the end of China, only to deal with one thing: fake!

According to the "Legal Evening News" reported that in 2010, Lafite lawyers went to the country in the spring rum unannounced visits, found in the booth for more than ten kinds of "Rafi aristocrat", "Rafi Empire" and "cottage Rafi". Lafite has been Gao Ying the "Rafi aristocrat" and "Rafi Empire litigation to other cottage brand is also planned.

Shen products with the forum, told reporters that Lafite encountered counterfeiting in China is divided into two areas, one is counterfeit, is the production of counterfeit Lafite; cottage, is finding ways to make their own brand and "Rafi" bound together, such as "Rafi Aristocracy". Saran China, will address these two issues, respectively, to plan; Lafite will open the official micro-Bo, the popularity of Lafite knowledge to the public, from the consumer level "curve" against knockoff. As Rafi exclusive distributor in China, ASC Fine Wines has branch offices in 27 cities, including Changsha, staff supervision of local market, If you find counterfeit products, through the Lafite team of lawyers in China, rights. "Crackdown is imminent, many brands of cottage status quo dazzle us, we will fight against counterfeit first place, cottage places to educate consumers identify." Shen said goods with.

"90% of Lafite fake and shoddy products" exaggerated

According to media reports, Rafi 10 production can not keep up with annual sales in China, Lafite sold in China ninety eight percent are false. In this regard, Shen goods with the response, although the the Lafite market situation confusion, but far from the 90% point of. "First of all, the media referred to Rafi just produced 波尔多波亚克 Chateau Lafite genuine Lafite wine, Lafite's products include four levels of more than 15 kinds of products, far more than the number of so-called 21 million bottle, so 90% of Lafite fake and shoddy products a bit exaggerated. "

Shen goods with China has become the second largest buyer the United States the Hou Lafei of our series, sales in China in 2011 than in 2010, an increase of more than 60%. Lafite Distribution channels to five-star hotels, department stores and retailers in China.

Imports of wine to form a maximum credibility of the Union

Imported wine industry chaos under the status quo, not just Rafi mainstream imported wine enterprises have to face difficulties. "China imported wines integrity Summit Forum the first reputation vintners (wine) Alliance Conference, including Lafite China, exclusive distributors, Custer China's largest dealer Kin Fat Wine, alcohol Brewmaster network of electronic business platform, Baxter Wine, France, including 11 mainstream imported wine companies formed a reputation Vintners Alliance, which is imported wine merchants formed the largest range of alliances in the industry, is also imported wine merchants giants unite for the first time name the imported wine.

Shen products with the view, whether it is "fake" or "anti-cottage" not fundamentally solve the problem, practitioners threshold is the key. Rafi who in fact is an industry generally, each a world brand in China 'derivatives' Government to step up in this piece of regulation, improve the practitioners threshold, so that such products are no longer being manufactured, in order to fundamentally on to solve such problems. "