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The home of the world's top ten wine
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Bordeaux, France (Bordeaux)
It comes to wine, France is one of the world's most famous natural place of origin. The vineyards of the Bordeaux region of France is well-known both inside and outside, its wide range of products, both the most pure taste most expensive wine collection.
2 California's Napa Valley (Napa Valley)
Napa Valley is synonymous with quality red wine and views. With these two advantages, Napa Valley attracted numerous wine lovers. There are up to 400 breweries, the Mediterranean climate of the entire valley for the cultivation of grapes incomparable advantages.
(3) Italy (Tuscany), Tuscany, Chianti red wine (Chianti)
Tuscany fame, but here the red wine is a world famous. Which was named the world's most popular tourist spots and wine tasting in a great place.
4 French Champagne - Ardenne (Champagne-Ardenne)
Champagne - Ardenne precisely because of the name champagne. Large tracts of vineyards in the picturesque fields. Long history, splendid culture, Champagne - Ardenne scenery and champagne as fascinating.
5 Barossa Valley, Australia (Barossa Valley)
South Australia Barossa Valley produce the best quality Shiraz. Undulating hills everywhere grapes, is the ideal place for tourists and wine "ghost" who.
Spain Rioja red wine
Rioja wine of Spain's most famous. The Rioja region consists of three parts: the western region of Rioja Alta, north of Rioja Alavesa and the eastern part of the Rioja Baja. Rioja Baja terrain is low, the climate is hot and dry, the higher alcohol content of wine produced. The Rioja Alavesa climate slightly cool, especially for the growth of excellent quality Tempranillo varieties, wine quality tendency delicate rich, multi-layers, the overall reputation of the best.
California's Sonoma Valley (Sonoma Valley)
Sonoma Valley is also called the Valley of the Moon, named after the legendary writer Jack London. Valley grape garden, beautiful natural scenery, more famous for its white wine of the best.
Chile Central Valley (Valle Central)
In Andes Central Valley just outside the Chilean capital of Santiago, the wine enthusiast can find a person to love of red wine, Cabernets and Chardonnays.
9. Stan Ling cloth, South Africa (Stellenbosch)
Stan Ling cloth around the footprint of wine lovers, the wine cellar has more than 100 more than the surrounding culture is also very attractive.
10 New Zealand Marlborough (Marlborough)
Marburg is located in the south of New Zealand, is the birthplace of the wine industry in the country, the most well-known wines white wine Sauvignon Blancs.