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The development of the wine industry forecast
Published:2013.04.09 News source:深圳市理旺贸易有限公司 Views:
The report released by the International Wine & Spirits research institutions (IWSR), 2012, Chinese wine sales will account for 40% of the Asian market, about the annual consumption of 1.1 billion bottles of wine. Brewers Association data also show that China's wine production increased by up to 25.65% as of July 2011. The industry also predicted on the basis of the current global wine consumption of 300 million bottles per year, over the next four years, the consumption rate of average annual 267 million bottles of growth in retail sales is expected to reach $ 117 billion.
       Intelligence of the latest research results show that China pelagic number of consumers has reached 34 million people, is expected to increase to 82 million by 2025. All agree that the fact the majority of the world's wine business: the next two to three decades, Asia, especially China wine market will show a huge growth in consumption. Which, in the consumer class is the main consumer of imported wine in China. With the gradual infiltration of wine culture, wine consumption market will show rapid growth, at the same time, China's huge wine market will attract more foreign brands to enter the intensified competition in the wine industry. The data show that in 2011 imported wines continue to maintain a rapid growth of 50% in the next five years, will account for 30% of the Chinese wine market share.