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2013 Eight of the wine industry trend forecast
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In today's China, the number of wine imports is rising year by year, overwhelming China's wine industry is in the flowers to be put unprecedented "feast" situation. To help the wine industry insiders grasp the pulse of the development of the industry, and guide the booming wine industry into a prosperous and orderly, held in Guangzhou, "the Fifth China Wine Economic Annual Meeting", "China Wine News" released "2012 China's wine industry forecast report ", the report reads as follows:
Trend: From 2010 to 2020 this decade, will be a golden opportunity for the development of China's wine industry.
Trends: China will become a mixture of wine old and new worlds. This is due to our vast area of ​​territory, China's wine-growing region of north from south to Guangxi and Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, East began in the west to Xinjiang, Liaoning across 25 latitude and 40 longitude. The vast geographical bred different characters of the grapes, the wine so that the output will also be brilliant. This also will be designated the two factions of wine in China: Yantai as the representative of the eastern areas and the western Gansu and Ningxia as the core producing areas. Eastern producing areas will be adhering to the old world elegant and delicate quality, while the western producing areas of low rainfall, the temperature difference between day and night the grape production cycle is short, thus showing the charm of the New World passionate.
Three trends: the wine of the top names will continue to heat up. Although any of the top names Zhuang did not show enough charm to reach Rafi in China today, Chinese consumers did have many of the top wine for the tireless pursuit. Second and third tier cities top wine for efforts will go beyond the first-tier cities; addition, the top names WINE France will continue to occupy the position of the Big Brother; same time, cheap and affordable wine emerged in the Chinese market.
Trend four: wine collection investment boom will drive the development of a range of ancillary services. Wine collection of investment, similar to the radiation effect of China's jade, calligraphy and painting collections industry, will lead to a series of wine auctions, identification, management, consulting and wine cellar construction business development.
Will become a hot trend: wine education. China's wine industry is an urgent need for wine professionals, professional wine education development momentum is likely to catch up with Europe and the United States to become the most popular disciplines.
Trend six: Chinese-style wines have begun to emerge. Penglai, represented by some of the wineries have begun to get rid of Bordeaux mode, go its own way, brewing wine with Chinese characteristics.
Seven trends: Unique Chinese wine culture will grow and develop. Chinese wine Development combination of Chinese and Western culture, the integration of the customs of the various provinces, the Chinese wine culture is about to spread.
Trend 8: wine competition in the industry will be reflected as raw material competition. Battle for high-quality wines from the grapes of high quality, the quality of wine-producing areas is inevitable.