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The impact of the macroeconomic situation of the wine industry
Published:2013.04.09 News source: Views:

The impact of the economic situation

The rapid growth of the economy in 2011 to bring the wine industry is huge room for growth. The purchasing power of Chinese consumers gradually improved, gradually increase the consumption of high-end wine. Despite the impact of the economic environment, the import price of wine more popular, the formation of competitive pressure on the domestic wine, but the past 2,3 years, domestic wine sales are still dominated by huge domestic demand. China's rapid economic development, people's living standards and rising levels of consumption, the wine consumer demand increased gradually, especially imported wine is a huge increase, up to 117%. The experts also predicted that the subsequent years, imported wine market will grow steadily, imported wine market has great potential. China's huge potential wine market has attracted a number of wine-producing countries and many regions manufacturers have concern and attention, plus wine import tariff reduction and the reduction of transaction threshold, the surge in imported wines. Huge market demand and interests which will drive the rapid growth of imported wines, imported wine market will also face re-shuffle and market sort. Competition between imported wines will be intensified in the future.

In 2011 Liv-EX100 Index rose by 40.5%, and no greater volatility. Over the same period the S & P 500 Index (S & P500) and FTSE 100 (FTSE100) or only 13% and 11% respectively. The appreciation of the yuan, consumer inflation is expected to continue to increase in wine as an investment, especially for institutional investors, the attractive rising. Plus individual investors increasingly tend to physical assets, the wine wine market to take the heat will be the trend of the times. TWIF president said: "The strong market demand in Asia to promote the old year and new year grand cru wine prices are rising, the Chinese market without any signs of cooling, as inflationary pressures continue to increase, consumers are increasingly inclined to AndrewdellaCasa physical assets, the wine market prospects in the coming year can be expected. "

Second, the impact of macroeconomic policies

2011 policy focus turned to the "expanding domestic demand, readjusting the structure. Imported wine after the economic crisis has changed the product architecture, low-priced wines have entered the domestic market, due to the geographical differences and the people blind worship of imported wine, domestic wine has been in the low-cost advantage caused some impact. The introduction of this policy, will be improved to some extent this phenomenon.