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2013 Chengdu rum activities
Published:2013.04.09 News source:深圳市理旺贸易有限公司 Views:

March 28 the 88th Chengdu rum is about to be held in Chengdu, recalling past each Chengdu rum diversity of activities, it has not only become a commodity trading, exhibition spaces, but also to exchange information, enhance friendship, promote technologyan important stage of advancement and product innovation.

Rum industry development services, to serve the country's economic construction and social development is the constant aim of rum; marketing docking platform, and strive to build the rum Marketing System platform, information dissemination and exchange platform, branding and communications platform , investment and trade cooperation platform; exhibition not only provide first-class hardware facilities, and actively create the supporting services with international standards.

March 25 - March 31, 2013, the 88th Chengdu spring rum activities are as follows:

World Wine Fiesta opening ceremony of Hong Kong

Time: at 10:00 on the March 25

Location: Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel 1 lobby

The wine White Paper conference wine marketing year, Billboard awards ceremony

Time: at 13:30 on March 25

Location: Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum Sands Grand Theatre (Kim Bo Road, No. 9)

Burgundy wine seminars

Time: March 25

Location: New Millennium hotel

"Breakout? Who will save large Chinese wine city" Forum "Wind 2013? China - the world's high-end wine tasting exhibition

Time: March 25 14:00-18:00

Location: Chengdu, Xinhua Hotel

World wine tasting

Time: March 25 - 27, 2009 at 14:30 pm

Location: Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel 4 tasting room