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2013 quality wine press conference held in Chengdu
Published:2013.04.09 News source:深圳市理旺贸易有限公司 Views:
Power March 28, 2013 of quality wine press conference in Chengdu Club Fairview Hall was held. The activities organized by the China Wine Online, Ningxia Grape Industry Association, Hebei Changli Dry Red Wine industry gathering area management committee, Changli County Wine Industry Authority co-, Helan Mountain producing areas, producing areas in Xinjiang, southwest producing areas, Changli , such as shacheng producing areas of the top ten wine regions wine production in more than 30 business leaders, producing areas of the person in charge of the Association, wine supporting business representatives, and China News Network and other media to participate.
The introduction of high-quality wine producing areas in China and the latest data released
China Wine Online Editorial Director Zhang Liwei told his audience of the 2013 vintage report, as well as the latest industry data from the authority of the department. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to December 2012, the wine cumulative production of 138.16 million liters, an increase of 16.90%; total industrial output value of 38,049,594 thousand, an increase of 11%; accumulated industrial sales output value of 36,967,347 thousand, an increase of 10%. According to customs statistics, in 2012 China's total wine imports 430 million liters, an increase of 8.9% over the previous year. As well as from the latest statistics released by the International Vine and Wine OIV: 2012 global grape area of ​​7.575 million hectares, wine production is expected in the 247200-254700 thousands of liters, consumption is expected 240400-250100 thousands of liters.
Sun Zhijun said: "At present, the level of the overall quality of the wine is still relatively low, shoddy, the concept of speculation, the phenomenon of excessive packaging is still very common, however, including Members of a large number of visionary entrepreneurs from the start put the winery positioning in the high-quality and high-end, the number and size of these enterprises is growing, China's wine industry has become an emerging force the guide individual consumption, create a better life on the road, the President proposed to achieve learning Chinese dream on the road, all of you high-quality wine producers will shoulder the glorious and great historical mission Let us unite with our industrious hands and strong arms, straighten the backbone of the Chinese wines! our labor and wisdom ancestors left us this land, brewing quality wines really belong to China! "