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Nine trends of the wine industry in 2013
Published:2013.04.09 News source:深圳市理旺贸易有限公司 Views:
With the end of the New Year holidays, it is time to predict the future trend of the wine industry. The following is the 2013 top ten significant wine trend.
1, consumer bull
The recent wine market for the United States may not be a bull market, but is indeed a bull market for wine consumption. The end of 2012 indicates that the per capita consumption of 19 consecutive years of growth, the United States to become the world's largest wine market. Wine is hot, the wine is the new trend.
Although born in the baby boom wine drinks may have the habit of choice, and the youngest wine consumers - Millennials consumers showed a strong interest and curiosity in wine, which will try to producing areas, the wines of different grape varieties.
2 wine critic recession
Optional suggestions for how to get the wine, the same batch of these Millennials consumers is different from the older consumers, they are more willing to listen to friends (online and offline) and the recommendation of the store clerk, rather than the past three decades guide the consumer buying behavior, critics suggested. The United States now has the world's most "smart" one of the wine people buy a lot of wine articles, blog and Twitter site updates. Although wine critics may have created the Knowledge Base, but consumers are increasingly "smart", they will look for other ways recommended wines.
3, craft beers threat
The emergence of the U.S. market craft beer is a very exciting story. Despite the large brewers keep each other acquisitions, consolidation of scale, small brewers also appeared in 16% of the growth trend. Younger consumers will be fascinated with the flavor of beer, rather than those who simply only thirst-quenching drinks beer.
With the the Beer Sommelier appear in the restaurant and beer relatively high cost-effective position, San Francisco news website SF Weekly recently said: "craft beer over wine to become the best drinks in San Francisco." This is not surprising. Craft beers and the relative decline of the economic situation in the bull market of wine consumption in the United States a great deal of threat.
4, flourishing
The California wine industry has long been known for several well-known grape varieties have been looking for a new producing areas, planting new varieties of wine brewing. Despite the limited production of the wine varieties, but in 2013 the California wine brewing the Camry Trousseau (Trousseau) and a low amount of alcohol (Mourvèdre) Muwei in Seoul, wine.
So many young winemaker has extensive wine knowledge and love of wine would be willing to ocean influx of winemaking, brewing the best wines, this wine can not be a fraction as a basis for the sale. This is the United States three decades of unprecedented.
5, the wine list "is not only the United States"
"Bigger is better" the word for a lot of things are very popular wisdom, including the wine list. However, the sommelier in the United States has been gradually cut the amount of wine stock, part of the reason is due to economic factors, partly because of the short wine single more constructive advice, but also beneficial to the food with. This is a reasonable reduction of the wine list way for consumers to be more focused, experience the fun of wines, to understand the dark side of the wine world.
6, wine fraud
2013 wine fraud suspects Rudy Kurniawan waiting in prison awaiting trial, but the wine will reduce fraud? Reporter reported cases of Rudy Kurniawan, Michael Steinberger, wine critic, wine fraud problem is not from the case of Rudy Kurniawan , naturally, not to the end of the case as long as people are willing to spend money to buy rare Bordeaux and Burgundy, the reception of the fraud problem there has been. "
7, wine auction
China's economic slowdown, the Asian consumer tastes shift, these factors lead to the direction of change of the auction market in the past year. Hong Kong bidders show some price sensitivity. Once the top of the auction Lafite wine have fallen out of favor, located in the top of the Burgundy wine, especially Romanee Conti wines.
Sotheby's auction house Americas and Asia CEO Jamie Ritchie added, "recovery" of the U.S. market, the buyer strong demand in Latin America, especially Brazil and Mexico bidders.
8, from Bordeaux to Burgundy
2012 Burgundy wine auction house or in the restaurant attracts more and more eyeballs, no doubt, will get more attention in the store. People Jesse Salazar, of New York Union Square Wines store wine, Burgundy wine more and more in-store sales. "Go to the store to buy wine consumers expect to buy $ 50-100 per bottle of wine for dinner with wine, To this end, we would recommend Burgundy wine or Barolo," Salazar at the same time also said that consumer interest gradually increased , has gone far beyond the "supermarket" champagne.
9, wine exports
2013 new Congress beginning of the meeting, Fortunately, the past two Congress to restrict the wine export legislation this year will not form. These still need the efforts of these states, the export liberalization does not allow wineries export laws in 12 states, and liberalization does not allow the export laws of the 36 states, the store outlet.