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   Shenzhen Li Wang Trading Co., Ltd. is a brand specializing in imported wine sales wine company headquarters in Shenzhen Longhua, the layout of China. Committed to provide consumers with high-quality, health, nutrition of the original bottle of imported wine. At the same time, Li Wang Trading in Shenzhen with more than 6,000 square meters of professional wine warehouse, from nine countries around the world, more than 100 original original bottle of imported wine vintners selection procurement.
Relying on the free exchange of Shenzhen, the economic and cultural center, the rationale Mong Trade in the active promotion of quality wines at the same time also pay attention to the spread of wine culture, the company's effort to build a high-end chain, based on self-operated stores to explore franchising main mode of operation. The business scope includes France, Germany, Spain, Chile, Australia, the United States, South Africa, Argentina and other well-known wine producing country of quality wine products.
Quality assurance: to ensure that the original bottle imported;
Market regulation: import formalities are complete, the whole heated transport;
Market-oriented: the creation of a new and unique marketing model;
Brand Support: strong support from partners;
Professional management: professional services team and complete product line;
Pricing policy: a sound pricing policies and dealer support policies;
Products and services: the price is high quality products to meet the needs of different consumers;
Advertising media: strong branding support;