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Our corporate image is stylish and elegant, rich taste. Our philosophy is to be creative with the times, to lead the development of the industry, the dynamic leader of the industry.



All of our products from a second-tier international well-known the family winemaking brand, from the selection of wines, transportation, storage, sales to service by professionals operating. In the same industry, we published the first wine professional's books, wine culture center to provide training services.



We represent the products all original bottle imported from abroad, and all the logistics chain to ensure compliance with the wine storage and transportation requirements. Whether it is an overseas supplier or domestic franchisees, integrity is an important foundation for our cooperation. We believe in the company and our partners, end customer win-win-win philosophy have many cooperation more than a decade old customers.



We advocate a healthy lifestyle drink wine every day, and to promote a healthy concept of health, an active part in charity care for the underprivileged, to show caring corporate image.


In wine lifestyle, through the promotion of wine culture, so that more people understand and enjoy a glass of wine, so that the rich life experience to the more fashion fun, taste wine is the taste of another life.