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Li Wang trade has a forward looking orientation, has always been adhering to the principle of "shared resources and common prosperity", to provide customers with professional and caring service and support.

Li Wang Trade franchisees

They will be a combination of hobby and career, and has a huge sales network and customer resources.

Li Wang Trade Services:

1 Senior Sales Manager careful guidance and help

Store design, management and marketing guidelines

3 series of marketing activities of professional planning and support

4 different levels of wine knowledge and store operations management courses

5 ordering, storage and transportation of reasonable proposals

Annual foreign study tour of the winery

7 best national distribution logistics and transport conditions

High-end dining and retail establishments

They are located in convenient transportation, the star lot of the crowd gathering, business, leisure facilities for high-end crowd.

Advanced super star hotel private clubs and trendy restaurants mood Bar

Li Wang Trade Services:

1 held a large wine dinner priority

Best wine logistics and transport conditions

Highlight the hotel's style fashion drinks license design

4 regular, systematic professional training support

They are high-income, high consumption, high-grade fashion family

Li Wang Trade Services:

Mong Trade shop consumer incentives

Li Wang and trade cooperation merchants consumption!

3 Member exquisite publication subscriptions

Participate in the name Zhuang dinner, wine tasting, tasting courses and wineries priority access

5 points translates into prizes

A number of well-known high-end enterprise

They enjoy a high reputation in the industry, for the pursuit of high quality of life, consumer groups:

1 Real Estate Class

2 luxury brand category

3 well-known enterprise class

Li Wang Trade Services:

Groups share wine!

Fine wines Books subscriptions

3 executives regularly staff wine training courses

Close interaction and trade reasonable Wang Senior Member