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"Li Wang" wine club founded by Li Wang trade and management. "Li Wang" on behalf of the trade, Wang advocated new luxury concept, this concept is to break people accustomed to thinking of some money first, people must learn to breathe and enjoy life, to let all those who love wine products wine at the same time into their most precious emotion, feel the life in the most natural state. "Wang will become a the wine close friend of their own enjoyment and to communicate with people carrier.
     "Li Wang" local conditions, to the cellar, clubs, club forms, regardless of form, will adhere to the market price sales, and luxury ornate decoration, climate controlled wine library, and constantly improve the members of system management, aristocratic.
     On the basis of the concept of luxury, "Wang will introduce a more elegant music and fine arts, design, original art, so that all those who love" Li Wang "love wine, art-loving friends here" drying out "There are no sparks burst out.
     The club is committed to participate in wine tasting wine expertise and the major wineries suzerain, winemakers will bring the majority of wine lovers and wine culture and the Chinese food culture unique combination of in-depth study, and strive to create more suitable for Chinese people the perfect match. And