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Retail and drinking in one of the

24-hour constant temperature storage of thousands of bottles of wine from around the world, ranging from tens of dollars to several million. All wines are sold in retail price, the Church drink only subject to a corkage fee.

The name Zhuang meta wine room

The wine room is equipped with all-day temperature and humidity temperature control device to store valuable wine from France, Italy, Australia, the United States and other quality-producing countries.

Exotic life

In addition to wine wine, there are all kinds of imported cheese, the finest caviar, the top Spanish Iberian ham Zuojiu snacks, allows you to enjoy exotic exotic life.

Full range of luxury

Cellar selection: imported wine cooler, Leonardo da Vinci, Italy crystal glasses and wine quality audio equipment so as to feel the full range of intimate care and experience dignity and elegance.

Professional wine waiter service

Trained wine waiter staff will select the wine, meet the needs of to provide professional wine waiter service for every drink Tong consumption guests.

Wine Cultural Centre

Regularly organizes various topics lectures and wine tasting will teach you how to wine tasting, wine selection, store wine investment wine collectors.